Rose Day Viral Couple Photo Editing i| Velentine day Editing


 Rose Day Viral Photo Editing

1. prompt 👇

Rose Day Prompt:

Create a realistic image of a 24-year old boy giving a red rose to his girlfriend in a kneeled-down proposal style. He is wearing a T-shirt with “Kumar ❤️ Neha” written on it along with sneakers and sunglasses. The girl is wearing beautiful saree and both are looking ahead. The room is decorated with roses and “Happy Rose Day” is written on a neon signboard in the background.

2. Prompt 👇

Realistic indian 21 Year old cute boy proposing on with 16 year beautiful girl in yellow lehenga the road with an and a flower on, wearing a yellow hoodie with name “Male” As girl name “Female” write on it, after rain and no Boys, beautiful lonely picture, pretty girl standing in the rain, so happy picture,profile pic, rainy weather, beautiful realistic photo, ultra realistic picture, rainy day, very beautiful photo, hyperealistic photo, it is raining

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